Alldock fast connection system

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The new connection system for the nature series of the medium and large Alldock (bamboo and walnut) now allows you to anchor up to 3 devices with one hand. You can slip your smartphone or tablet into the Alldock without adjusting the cables below. The fourth slit gives you the possibility of recharging another device like a fitness strip or a camera.

Only certified cables are used in this new system. Cable included with the support.

Really important - Note that the system only one hand of Magnetic Adapter Alldock is only compatible with the average and wide formats of the Alldock Nature series sold after November 23, 2015.

Due to the new position requirement of the USB capacitor, the compatibility of this system can be carried out with the combinations below.

Alldock type Number of recommended magnetic adapters
Middle series Nature                                    2
Large nature series                                    3
Medium mix & match with wooden top 1 (forward)
Large mix & match with wooden top 1 (forward)