Étui pour iPad 10.2 avec clavier bluetooth intégré (7e, 8e et 9e gen) noir

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Specifications Remark/ Remark
1 KEY/ number of keys 78keys
2 Language English
3 Battery capacity 500mAh
4 Working voltage 3.3V-4.2V
5. The working current is less than 110mA when backlit, and less than 2.5mA when unlit
6 Bluetooth range within 10 meters
7 Support system iOS
8 charging jack Type-C jack
9 Power Display Red light flashes: battery >;Under 25% power-on state, short press the "on" key for 1 second to display the electric quantity and the red light flashes twice: electric quantity >50% red light flashes three times: battery >75% Available for iPad Air 10.5/ iPad Pro 10.5/ iPad 10.2
10 Charge time <3 hours,

Bluetooth keyboard connection method:
1. Open the protective shell outward and open the PSU to open it (with magnetic intelligent induction). The indicator light corresponding to the contact point and the backlight of the button will be on. (It will go out automatically after about 3 seconds) 2. PSU open after open iPad-settings-Bluetooth, and then on the keyboard press Fn + C on the keyboard Bluetooth signal (blue light flashing, keyboard in three minutes waiting for search), click the Bluetooth signal searched in the iPad to complete the pairing, abandoning the traditional complex connection method of switching the button and inputting the pairing password, making the connection faster, more convenient and intelligent) System support:
1. Support for Apple tablet PC iPad8 10.2/ipad 10.2/ipad air3 10.5/ipad pro10.5
2. Support Apple (ios) system
3. Smart phones and tablets supporting Apple (ios) system