About us

is an initiative of parent company Mobile Maestria, which celebrates over 15 years in the industry. This online store offers a wide variety of electronic products and accessories for everyone, in addition to having a section reserved for schools. Mobi Essentials is a well-known supplier across Canada for several reasons:


Mobi Essentials is the supplier of choice in schools. The team makes sure to offer quality products, specially adapted to the real needs of schools in Canada. The products purchased meet strict criteria, established at the request of the schools.


The Mobi Essentials team stays on the lookout for new products and deals to offer you the best prices in the industry. It also offers special prices for large quantity orders.


The Mobi Essentials team makes sure to have a unique and complete follow-up with each customer, before and after the sale.


Our product selection is made above all for your real needs in terms of mobility; you, a mobile worker on the lookout for deals and exceptional products for your wireless phone. We source products around the world that meet our strict quality criteria for your greatest satisfaction during a purchase.

With pleasure,

The Mobi Essentials Team