Bluetooth micro-Casque Plantronics travel ultra light legend

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Responds to calls, answers you.

Presentation of Plantronics Voyager LegendMC, the most recent micro-cask in the Voyager range, with unprecedented and very comfortable audio quality. Thanks to its three microphones that eliminate the sound of the wind and background noise, vocal controls and Smart Sensormc technology, Legend travel knows when you want to speak. The sensors react when you put the micro-cashe so that you can answer a call without moving. If you already wear it, the Legend travel announces who calls and wait for you to say "answer" or "ignore". Simply press the vocal control button and ask them for example to check the level of the battery, the connection status. Thanks to its dazzling technology, Legend is the first really intelligent Bluetooth® micro-cask.

 Included: The headset, the case and the wall charger.

Specifications Travel legend Travel legend
Tablet Yes
Mobile phone Yes
Hands -free fashion
Bluetooth earpiece Yes
Battery power Until 7 a.m.
Type of charger Micro USB
Noise elimination Triple microphone with digital signal (DSP) active processing
Wind noise reduction Stainless steel windshields
Multipoint transmission Put two phones and answer calls on one or the other.
Weight 18 grams