Wireless headset plant travel Legend UC B235

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Travel Legend UC

Responds to calls, answers you. The Plantronics Legend UC travel is the first micro-cask to respond to this point to the requests of mobile professionals. Its different features make it the only micro-casing system necessary to meet all your mobile needs: connectivity to PCs, smartphones or tablets; sensors; audio with precision; vocal commands; Advanced load accessories.

Advanced call management

The Legend UC travel was designed to offer the convenience of a unique micro-cask for all your devices: PC, smartphone or tablet. The Mini-USB Bluetooth® adapter can remain in the USB port of your laptop so that it is always ready to be connected or be stored in the portable case included. The first Smart Sensormc technology in the sector allows you to quickly answer a call, without a click. It detects when you put on the micro-cashe and automatically responds to computer or cellular calls. At the same time, the presence status of the software phone is automatically updated so that your colleagues know when you are available.

Vocal alerts and orders

The brand new voice command menu allows you to use your voice to answer a call, check the battery level, recompose a number and activate the coupling mode on your micro-cask. The announcement of the name of the caller (cellular only) tells you who calls you, without you having to watch your phone. Improved vocal alerts, on the other hand, announce the autonomy of remaining conversation, the state of the connection, the state of the battery and the status of activation of the discretion function, which allows you to work smarter way.

Exceptional audio quality

Plantronics cutting edge technology is synonymous with triple microphones with DSP with precision, for higher noise elimination. A large audio bandwidth ensures clearer conversations and a sound quality as good as possible, while advanced Windsmart® technology provides three levels of wind noise protection. The integrated A2DP profile allows multimedia content diffusion from your cell phone or tablet.

Practical storage and load

Legend UC travel includes two fantastic load and storage accessories. The portable carrier case allows you to store the micro-cask and the USB adapter. It also provides a visual state of the battery, for the micro-cask and the load case. In addition, it offers up to 14 hours of additional time. And, when the work brings you to the office, use the desktop base, which is an elegant load and storage solution.

Software-Enabled function

Plantronics Spokes software allows you to get even more from the following elements:

  • Call control over several software phones;
  • Load indicator displaying the remaining autonomy of the micro-cask in the PC icons area;
  • Micro-Casque configuration panel allowing you to personalize the parameters, including call notices and related options;
  • Presence of automatically updated unified communications during call, not only during PC calls, but also during cellular calls*

*Functionality available on Lync and Skype only


Included: the headset, the case and the office charging station.