Professional stylus to write and draw

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Professional stylus. The perfect tool for drawing and writing on touch screen devices.

PRO version

The PRO version of the stylus supports palm rejection function. You can put your hand on the screen when writing or drawing. This assures you of clean, mess-free writing!

USB loading port
You can use a computer, an external battery or a loading head to load this pen. Red LED in load, full load when the light is extinct or green light. Load for two hours, can be used for 12-15 hours.

Easy to use
Press the switch, the blue light is on, you can use it without connecting to Bluetooth. Press again, the light is off, the pen cannot be used. Intelligent energy saving, automatic switching off for 30 minutes.

Product Instructions
Press the button once, the LED blue light will be on and you can use it. Press the button again to turn off the LED light. LED red LED light, full load when the light is off or green light.

For a better writing and drawing experience, we recommend that you install a protective film on the screen.